31 May 2012

Her Hands Made It

The latest gorgeous home to catch my eye this week is that of Veronica Sheaffer, founder and author of My Hands Made It.....and if that's not enough a bridal gown designer and maker....so she's certainly no stranger to a bit of creativity. Her home that she shares with her partner is filled to the brim with quirky touches, colourful collectables and vintage-insprired pieces that create a nostalgic vibe but with a fresh, modern twist!

Muted tones on the walls are the perfect backdrop to showcase her bold artwork and sculptures and compliment her mix of pattern and colour.

Much of their furnitue has been given a new lease of life - a bargain craigslist sofa: recovered, kitchen chairs: painted & recovered, rug: painted (yes, painted!!), kitchen shutters: recycled from an old vintage room divider....the list goes on.

Oh and I spy chevrons.......SOLD!

all images via Apartment Therapy

Well, there's certainly elements of this lovely home that may come fall victim to a little friendly plagiarism.....Thanks Veronica!

29 May 2012

Home Tour: Christine d’Ornano

After coming across the most beautiful home belonging to Sisley cosmetics executive Christine d’Ornano, it would have been rude not to share it. Her grandfather co-founded LancĂ´me and her father started Orlane. After both firms were sold, he launched Sisley with his wife and is now a well-known worldwide brand. Christine's London abode is a wow-tastic, eclectic, colourful masterpiece. Perfectly positioned paintings by Marc Quinn, Parisian flea market furniture finds and an ormolu-encrusted desk all make this home well worth touring!...

Check. It. Out.

Amazing or WHAT?....

25 May 2012

Brickin' it....

After perusing the wonders of pinterest this morning, I was reminded and inspired (as always) by the effect of a good old exposed brick wall. You could say they're a bit like marmite - some really do love them, some not so much/hate (!)....and you know what!? Well I can kind of understand that. They certainly don't just sit and fade into the background...they ARE the background and they want you to know it!! Any room is given a completely different edge when incorporating any raw material, so it's easy to feel, well, exposed and pretty industrial. But have a peek at my faves and how the clever mix of brick, soft furnishings, accessories and textures makes for a truly wonderful and balanced space*...

.....*and just in case you were wondering (and as you will see!) NO, you don't have to be a 20/30-something single male living in an inner city loft apartment to qualify for this look....

via Country Living

via Mix & Chic
via Murray Mitchell
via Decorators Notebook
via Visual Photos

23 May 2012

Colour Crush: Mint & Navy

SUCH a great colour combo, but not too often seen paired up together..WHY O WHY?? In my humble opinion, these two most certainly compliment each other and create a very chic, modern feel that looks expensive and sleek yet still manages to be creative and playful. C'mon people, inject some minty freshness into your lives!...

This is mint!...
via pinterest

Like the above pic??.....Get these shades in your life!!

Add a burst of luxury with a gold focal piece...

via Ruth Burts Interiors

Masculine and feminine all in one!! Perfect!...

via thedecorista

....Loving the stripey colour block combo!

via pinterest

Traditional meets cool....whether it likes it or not! BOOM!

via pinterest
A breath of fresh air for a kids bedroom....Loving the rug!...
....and if you really want to go all out and take the mint and navy theme to a whole new level....grab yourself a themed outfit and experience the superpower of invisibility whilst sat happily in your mint and navy living room!*

via prepfection

*this is a joke (although if you really fancy it, go for it!)...

22 May 2012

High Street Stand Off

So it's become a bit of a running theme of late. Our fashion retail stores are cottoning on to the fact that it's not all just shoes and handbags (although of we course we love them too!)....but it's interiors too! Hurrah! The latest to launch their homewares range early last month are none other than French Connection. So I thought I'd see how they fare against one of our absolute faves Zara Home...just for a little 'friendly' rivalry -  after all a bit of competition is healthy!
ZARA cushion | FC cushion

ZARA lantern | FC lantern

ZARA rug | FC rug
ZARA throw | FC throw

ZARA tumbler | FC tumbler

What do you think? Prefer one style over the other? Or does the price tip the scales?

It's plain to see on their site that French Connection have a bit of catching up to do in terms their of range of products - but considering they've not long launched, we'll give them a chance.

Our little hearts still have that same soft spot for Zara Home....!

21 May 2012

Zig - A - Zig Ahh

I'm completely in over my head with chevrons at the moment. If I could paint the front of my house in bright pink neon chevrons then I would. What do you all think about them? I suppose they’re an acquired taste, but if you love stripes you gotta love chevrons haven’t you, and by golly I am a sucker for stripes. Take a look at these beauties!

They can be used in so many different ways. Whether it be a lampshade, rug, or whole wall, ......embrace the chevron!!