24 August 2012

Wall Accents

My latest obsession in finding unique interior pieces and little gems online falls upon the fantastic One Kings Lane. They've got an amazing collection, great style and a different approach when it comes to buying and selling...

Become a member (we did - it's very simple and straight forward!) and become apart of a whole world of interior heaven. Every day of the week One Kings Lane launch multiple new sales offering a range of products at lower than low prices....but beware, quantites are limited, so you have to act fast!

We've fallen for their collection of 'Wall Accents' - anything and everything that can hang from or against a wall and make it look pretty as a picture!

Anything take your fancy?? All products & prices can be found here!

21 August 2012

Something To Pour Over....

Following an initial client consultation yesterday evening we got down to the nitty gritty (pardon the pun) of concrete and resin flooring. The pro's pretty much outweigh the con's in terms of durability and maintenance - but the long and short of it comes down to whether or not it's your style! Our clients are very much after that open plan living space. No closed doors or separations....so we think it's a winner!

Apartment Therapy have a great forum on the subject with answers from house owners, architects and builders, so you can form your own opinion!

We've picked out some of the best ways we've seen poured concrete used and how we can incorporate it into our latest project.

Apartment Therapy

Emma's Design Blogg

Scandinavian Retreat

Apartment Therapy 
Godrich Interiors

Apartment Therapy

Scandinavian Deco

Apartment Therapy

What do you think??
Could you see this in your home?

20 August 2012

Black & Orange Inspo Board

Six items to revamp my friend's living room - in keeping with her love of orange, but with a grown-up, 'not-too-girly' feel.

The mix of bold stripes, chevrons and colourful patterned cushions against a simple sofa and gorgeous statement mirror gives the room an eclectic feel without overcrowding...and not forgetting the all important finishing touch - the candle!

1. Mirror  2. Pendant  3. Cushion  4. Cushion  5. Chair  6. Candle

16 August 2012

In Search Of The Perfect Sideboard

It seems it's a never-ending task - possibly because I'm constantly inspired by a complete mixture of style and design when working on different projects. Do I go for sleek and modern with clean simple lines?.....or perhaps a little more retro inspired? Or hold on, maybe a little vintage number? No, wait, that painted one over there's pretty cool....you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis!!!??...

So here's a nice eclectic selection anyway....all of which are just lovely in their own right!

Decisions, decisions!!....

John Lewis

Lake Jane

miss moss

Sense and Simplicity

Inspired Design

See my problem??? There are just too many!!
I could go on........and on.................and on, and on, and on, and on.

Favourite anyone?..

14 August 2012

Colour Vote!

Soooo, bedroom 2 of our lovely little project is almost there - apart from the pile of rubble still sat in the middle of it as you can see here....(mentally remove!)

We have some pretty cool plans for this room, but thought we'd throw it out there to you lovely peeps and see what you thought....

We've gone for a lovely shade of dusky, chalky purple... BUT...

 do we team it with light, white furniture with a feminine edge like this....?



do we go with something a little more sultry and dark with a look like this?....


What do you think??

We'd love to know!

13 August 2012

Lighten Up: Interview with Zoe Darlington

When I first came across the wonderful Zoe Darlington, I felt I had to contact her straight away and share with you her amazing lampshades. After launching her business only eight months ago, Zoe Darlington has shone bright with her colourful creations. Quintessentially British, the bases are constructed in the Midlands by craftsmen, and the shades are hand-stitched by Darlington herself. Now, let's get to know her a little better......

When did your love for lampshades start and how did it come about?
I love antique and vintage designs from a variety of eras and when we bought our first home five years ago,  I struggled to find vintage shades that were really beautifully made and weren’t museum pieces. I began studying soft furnishing and upholstery – initially to renovate a lovely mid-century chair I’d found – but quickly moved on to making lampshades using traditional methods and mastering the craft. I found that I loved working on this smaller more intricate scale and creating the kinds of pieces I’d been looking for and couldn’t find for my own home. Commissions from personal recommendation fairly quickly followed, after which I launched my website to reach more people.

Where do you find and seek inspiration?
All kinds of old things! I love old books and have some beautiful  old cloth bound volumes about decorating the home in the 1930s which were a lovely gift. They have these amazing vibrant hand coloured plates which provide great colour inspiration.  I get inspiration for shapes from vintage fashion and all sorts of strange things like the curve of a vintage car. And I love a rummage around old junk shops and auctions where every piece has a secret story.

Above: Welles | Below: Delilah

How long does it take to make one?
My pieces are all handmade by me to traditional techniques which means all fabrics and trims are hand stitched – no nasty glues! They are intricate, delicate pieces that are really time-consuming – but beautiful as a result – and can take several days to complete.

Where do you buy your fabrics and materials?
I’m constantly on the look out for fabrics and trims. It’s a real passion of mine and I often come back from holidays with many metres of fabrics from local markets. I also inherited my Grandmother’s fabric chests which contained the most beautiful vintage fabrics from the 60’s upwards. She was a dressmaker and put on fashion shows and I’m so lucky to have her archive.  I love using her fabrics as part of a beautiful piece that I know will be cherished and will live on through future generations in someone’s home.

Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them?
I like to do a mixture of both. Sketching is great when you get an initial idea for a new shape and need to work out the angles and details, but I find there is nothing like physically piecing your ideas together. What works on paper doesn’t always work in real life.


How would you define your style?
A combination of tradition and wit beautifully constructed.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, perhaps pursuing other projects?
I’m so happy with what I’m doing at the moment and what I’ve achieved over the past 8 months  (I only launched my company in November) that it’s difficult to think so far ahead! I’ve found that responding to what your clients want and what you enjoy doing has been a good recipe for success and I intend to continue growing in this organic way.


For all of Zoe’s pieces visit her website and give her a like on Facebook too to keep up-to-date on her work!