21 August 2012

Something To Pour Over....

Following an initial client consultation yesterday evening we got down to the nitty gritty (pardon the pun) of concrete and resin flooring. The pro's pretty much outweigh the con's in terms of durability and maintenance - but the long and short of it comes down to whether or not it's your style! Our clients are very much after that open plan living space. No closed doors or separations....so we think it's a winner!

Apartment Therapy have a great forum on the subject with answers from house owners, architects and builders, so you can form your own opinion!

We've picked out some of the best ways we've seen poured concrete used and how we can incorporate it into our latest project.

Apartment Therapy

Emma's Design Blogg

Scandinavian Retreat

Apartment Therapy 
Godrich Interiors

Apartment Therapy

Scandinavian Deco

Apartment Therapy

What do you think??
Could you see this in your home?

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