22 January 2012

Play Away!

We've had a fantastic week! Busy, but great. We spent the day with the fantastic Groundbreak Productions shooting our latest 'mini' film and we can't thank them enough!...

Find the play button on our wall and see us in action!

or click HERE

Black Attack!

This week, we're absolutely loving - wait for it .... black, yes BLACK! Sound a little dull and depressing? No, no, NO! It's fantastic! Bold, striking and an absolute show stopper! Now, we're not suggesting running out and chucking black paint at your walls, but with a little bit of thought and careful decor consideration, a black splash here and there could work wonders...

Whether it's a feature wall or a collection of accessories.....anything can work!!! 

And the fabulous Rue Mag obviously like this idea too, with their stunning selection of images. Click on any of the images below and be transported into a whole world of wonder!..

A rue with a view

Black Magic!

Oh....we can dream!
And if all else fails....you'll have to take accessorising to the extreme....

20 January 2012

C'est la Vie...

Irene Suchoki has captured every ounce of vintage French charm with her latest collection of stunning images taken in Versailles - beauty really is in the detail.

We'll take the entire collection please!..

12 January 2012

Sweet Symphony

So according to our 'trend' sense - yes, we were born with it (ha!) - we're predicting a mixture of gorgeous candy shades and the odd neon glow over the coming year. It's all about being playful, whether it's a soft elegant armchair with the a smattering of bright cushions or a collection of sharp neon art-work -  it's neon and candy all the way baby!..

In FACT, we just so happened to have just finished up our latest interiors layout for INOUT mag and there's no hiding the fact that pastels and candy have definitely made their mark.

These beautiful pieces created by Yorkshire based Furniture Designer and Maker, Anthony Hartley would be the perfect start.....in fact, take a peek at his website, pretty much everything on it would!....

Edna 1

Mr and Mrs Smith The Second

Edna 3

02 January 2012

Hello Yellow!

You know how it is, January arrives, every last drop of Christmas is turfed out and our lovely twinkling homes now look rather drab. We have the answer!! Colour combos! Our absolute fave to kick start 2012 is yellow & grey.

A fantastic way of injecting colour without overpowering and adding a touch of sunshine into your living room, kitchen....or anywhere in the house!

Try it - bright, fresh and energising - exactly what you need after an indulgent Christmas!....

I spy

On the other side of globe, but oh so sweeet! We'll be dropping in for a breakfast burrito next time we're hanging out in Cali!...

Bumble - Loving your style!

There's be absolutely no chance of getting out the wrong side of bed if you waking up in this room every morning! Every day's a sunny day!...

01 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing all our lovely followers health and happiness for the coming year 2012... 

We have tons of amazing things to come - some fantastic ideas and unique trends and we're looking forward to sharing our thoughts and inspirations with you!....

10 green bottles......disappeared very fast!

We celebrated with a few bottles of this stuff this year - Elderflower Champagne! If you can't quite muster up the energy to make it yourself, you can get similar from Cracking Good Food. Needless to say, the bottles were well and truly empty come midnight....delicious!