02 January 2012

Hello Yellow!

You know how it is, January arrives, every last drop of Christmas is turfed out and our lovely twinkling homes now look rather drab. We have the answer!! Colour combos! Our absolute fave to kick start 2012 is yellow & grey.

A fantastic way of injecting colour without overpowering and adding a touch of sunshine into your living room, kitchen....or anywhere in the house!

Try it - bright, fresh and energising - exactly what you need after an indulgent Christmas!....

I spy

On the other side of globe, but oh so sweeet! We'll be dropping in for a breakfast burrito next time we're hanging out in Cali!...

Bumble - Loving your style!

There's be absolutely no chance of getting out the wrong side of bed if you waking up in this room every morning! Every day's a sunny day!...

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