25 May 2012

Brickin' it....

After perusing the wonders of pinterest this morning, I was reminded and inspired (as always) by the effect of a good old exposed brick wall. You could say they're a bit like marmite - some really do love them, some not so much/hate (!)....and you know what!? Well I can kind of understand that. They certainly don't just sit and fade into the background...they ARE the background and they want you to know it!! Any room is given a completely different edge when incorporating any raw material, so it's easy to feel, well, exposed and pretty industrial. But have a peek at my faves and how the clever mix of brick, soft furnishings, accessories and textures makes for a truly wonderful and balanced space*...

.....*and just in case you were wondering (and as you will see!) NO, you don't have to be a 20/30-something single male living in an inner city loft apartment to qualify for this look....

via Country Living

via Mix & Chic
via Murray Mitchell
via Decorators Notebook
via Visual Photos

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