23 May 2012

Colour Crush: Mint & Navy

SUCH a great colour combo, but not too often seen paired up together..WHY O WHY?? In my humble opinion, these two most certainly compliment each other and create a very chic, modern feel that looks expensive and sleek yet still manages to be creative and playful. C'mon people, inject some minty freshness into your lives!...

This is mint!...
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Like the above pic??.....Get these shades in your life!!

Add a burst of luxury with a gold focal piece...

via Ruth Burts Interiors

Masculine and feminine all in one!! Perfect!...

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....Loving the stripey colour block combo!

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Traditional meets cool....whether it likes it or not! BOOM!

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A breath of fresh air for a kids bedroom....Loving the rug!...
....and if you really want to go all out and take the mint and navy theme to a whole new level....grab yourself a themed outfit and experience the superpower of invisibility whilst sat happily in your mint and navy living room!*

via prepfection

*this is a joke (although if you really fancy it, go for it!)...

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  1. Love that gold coral lamp base - especially lovely with the navy/mint combo!