22 May 2012

High Street Stand Off

So it's become a bit of a running theme of late. Our fashion retail stores are cottoning on to the fact that it's not all just shoes and handbags (although of we course we love them too!)....but it's interiors too! Hurrah! The latest to launch their homewares range early last month are none other than French Connection. So I thought I'd see how they fare against one of our absolute faves Zara Home...just for a little 'friendly' rivalry -  after all a bit of competition is healthy!
ZARA cushion | FC cushion

ZARA lantern | FC lantern

ZARA rug | FC rug
ZARA throw | FC throw

ZARA tumbler | FC tumbler

What do you think? Prefer one style over the other? Or does the price tip the scales?

It's plain to see on their site that French Connection have a bit of catching up to do in terms their of range of products - but considering they've not long launched, we'll give them a chance.

Our little hearts still have that same soft spot for Zara Home....!

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