08 April 2013

Chair Army

If you’re looking to add an interesting new touch to the furniture in your house, or if you’re  staging your home ready to be put on the market, there are many different things you can try. One simple option is the inclusion of armchairs in your home.

While an armchair can help to complete your existing two or three piece suite, they don’t just belong in lounges anymore; adding a feature armchair to a guest room, open plan living area, and other big rooms, can help you introduce a hint of elegance while also adding to the practicality of the space.

1. Sheringham 2. Scarlett 3. Monty

So which armchair should you use? Recliner chairs or a comfortable chaise longue can be added to your general seating arrangements in a living room or lounge area, and you can add coffee tables or side tables for extra convenience. Tub chairs add a contemporary feel to any room, wingback chairs will give a touch of sophistication, whereas swivel chairs will add a bit of fun and will be a big hit with guests.

If your décor is built around light, pastel colours, choosing a floral armchair will add to the room’s charm, whereas antique armchairs or a high back armchair will look good in a reading room or library-type setting.

You should also consider the type of upholstery for your chair. Whereas fabric armchairs (say, a fabric chaise longue or tub chair) work well for frequent use, if you want leather armchairs (such as leather recliners), it may only be worth getting them if they won’t be used regularly.

If you choose well, you can create a whole new special area around the chair, and they can also be used as a way of separating the room if the space is particularly large. 

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