18 March 2013

Ovens & Cookers Best Suited to Modern Kitchens

When you walk into your kitchen, how do you feel? Like you've slipped back a century or strolled into a cutting-edge kitchen that can effortlessly meet the demands of modern life?

Homebase has kitchen designs to suit all tastes...and if you want to propel your kitchen into the present day, here's a few tips that we think will help you on your way...

Seamless Appeal: Built-In Ovens

Modern gadgetry has gone seamless giving the illusion of sleek continuity which emanates modern chic, and the same can be said for kitchens!

Built-in ovens ensure your kitchen looks sleek, smart and uncluttered. This instantly transforms the mood from chaotic to calm; crucial when following complicated recipes!

Tivoli Beech

Built-in ovens take many forms – a single oven means even the smallest kitchen can be the smartest room in the house while doubles are great for big families. If you opt for electric over gas you can choose between conventional, fan and steam too. 

When choosing colour, black ovens radiate present-day chic while steel lends an air of modernity to create the illusion of space by reflecting light.

Hot Design Ideas: Gas Cookers

Built-in ovens aren’t your only option when updating your kitchen though and freestanding options offer just as much choice and variety.


Standing strong in black and stainless steel, the Indesit ID60G2X is a favourite among gas cookers as is the Hotpoint HUD61P dual fuel double cooker which boasts stay-clean catalytic liners and an electronic programmable timer. 

The majority of Hombase models come with lights and viewing windows which offer greater heat insulation to save energy.

Cooker Hoods from Homebase

Cooker hoods are essential when dealing with fumes and cooker hoods from Homebase are all-encompassing; offering chimney, conventional, integrated and island varieties.

Windsor Stone

Chimney cooker hoods are square or curved and available in black, white, glass and stainless steel. Square options are perfect for contemporary kitchens and variable fan speeds allow you to deal with all levels of fumes. Island and integrated cooker hoods are better for bigger kitchens and fit directly above cooking appliances.

About Homebase

Homebase is a leading home enhancement retailer selling over 38,000 products for the home and garden offering you everything you need to create a cutting-edge, contemporary kitchen – just pop down to your local store or make an appointment online to get started.


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