21 November 2012

Window Shopping

We're making the vital finishing touches to our client's gorgeous new bedroom this week and we've been pondering over dressing the window. We've gone for a fantastic patterned 'window film' to take the attention from a not-so-lovely view outside and it's now time to focus our attention on some texture around the window....

...it's a beautiful old Victorian sash so not the typical standard dimensions, so made-to-measure blinds and curtains are a must. We're absolutely obsessed with layering - the more variation in texture, the better! With 40 years experience under their belt, Hillarys have a fantastic range of products to match and after browsing their website, we think we've found exactly what we were looking for!

This plain roller blind in Acacia Ice is simple but will sit perfectly against the pattern of the film. It will provide just enough coverage for privacy, but will also let a just the right amount of light in too!

Like what you see? Get your HERE!

We find that a lot of our clients are afraid to mix pattern - but we love to experiment! These beautiful curtains in Brompton Soft Grey also have the option for an extra layer of fabric to block out the light for those of you who like to be plunged in it! The feminine florals and soft tones will work perfectly with the blind and give the entire room that essential finishing touch. When it comes to curtains, it's difficult to get the style right - do you go with contemporary eyelets? Pinch Pleat? Pencil Pleat??..Valance? No Valance? Well it entirely depends on the look you're going for. On this occasion though eyelets teamed with a contemporary brushed silver pole will be just perfect, thank you!

Fancy a pair? Get yours HERE!

What do you think? Would you choose a different combination? Check out the full range at www.hillarys.co.uk. We'd love to hear what you would do with this window!

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