28 September 2012

Interview; Anna Ryder Richardson for Magnet

Wow.....she is one happy lady! I was greeted with an almighty 'Helllllllloooooooo' which certainly broke the ice and kicked off our telephone interview rather nicely.

Anna Ryder Richardson, fellow Interior Designer and TV presenter, happily chatted about her current projects with Magnet, interior styles and hot trends for 2013. 

You’ve been working with Magnet for over a year now - can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been focusing on recently?

Our main focus has been dressing kitchens on a budget and helping people to express their individuality by combining styles. Magnet are all about excellent quality. They’ve just launched their fantastic Somerton range into their Uniquely Collection. Gorgeous solid oaks, dark greens, a beautiful soft sage – a fantastic alternative to magnolia and fantastic 
tones for Autumn.

Magnet Somerton Range

What would dream kitchen look like – or do you already have it!?

Well, now I've seen the Somerton range, I'm a little swayed. I used Magnet’s My Kitchen Scrapbook to play around with some styles – I went for a mix of traditional meets London club…..I think I thought I was Audrey Hepburn! Styled with a few tub chairs and a chandelier - now that would look fab!

Any other exciting things on the horizon?

We had our new Rhino’s delivered at the [Manor House Wildlife] Park. Zamba is the first test tube rhino in UK, and only the 2nd in world, and Jambo.

Being Northern yourself, do you have a favourite northern designer?

John Amablie. He’s agreat friend of mine. He has an amazing design company – he’s a workaholic and just fantastic at what he does!

Hot trends or advice for the home for 2013?

Grey is the new white! I have a very, very soft shade of grey in my home, but it’s a great base to add colour to. Colour is important though – even just a hint.  Think nature and energy when adding textures and fabrics.

Any recent interior purchases you'd care to share?

A fabulous pair of pendants from Heal’s for my new kitchen diner! They’re called Jeeves and Wooster, and I love them!

...and finally, do you have any advice for fellow budding interior designers and bloggers out there!

Moodboards! Ripping out inspirational pages of mags, pinterest, visting showrooms and really knowing your stuff. Just go for it, believe in your style and don’t chicken out!


Favourite colour?
Green –dark green!

Favourite holiday destination?
Borneo! Or anywhere where there’s beautiful, exotic animal roaming.

Favourite room in your home?
Kitchen Diner. We have not long moved into a new place and I have no doubt this will be my favourite place to be.

Your style in 3 words
Vintage, Eclectic, Fun

How do you chill out?
With my animals!

Thanks Anna!

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