06 June 2012

Curtain Call

We get asked a fair few questions on a day-to-day basis (all of which interior related of course) and they often share the same theme; how to make simple changes to a room without it costing the earth! Well, it's the million dollar question (pardon the pun!)...but it really is rather simple. In fact it's what we pride ourselves on! We know we're not all rolling around in a sea of cash and we understand that it's not about how much something costs anymore - it's about being creative and unique. DIY and handmade homes have never been so trendy.

So I thought I'd show you just how simple it can be. Picking out just one feature within a room can make all the difference. I've kept all furniture, lighting and accessories the same but swapped the curtains around on each board to show you exactly how entire feel of a room can be transformed with a bit of new fabric! Simple hey?!...

Honeycomb Curtains

Finnia Curtains

Marrakech Curtains
Toorie Curtains

Easy as pie!.....Give it a try!....

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