29 April 2012

Project Upcycle!

Us Style Insiders are HUGE upcycling fans! There's nothing like finding a little gem at a car booty or a tired little piece in a charity shop and giving it a new lease of life!

I've been collecting bits and bobs for my flat to spruce up and add my own twist for some time now. I decided to paint them all the same colour - mainly because I have a slight obsession with Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White - but also, because I'm big on keeping things quite simple and adding accessories!

I went for Exterior Eggshell as it's hard wearing and holds better when painting directly onto wood. A good few coats, but well worth it and a great finish! I changed the knobs on one of the bedsides and keep the originals for the chest...

....amazing what a lick 'o paint can do innit!?...

A closer look!....

What do you think people?

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