26 March 2012

Beautify Your Bookshelves

Gooood morning!!! What a delight to wake up to the sun streaming through the windows and another warm day. Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do. Although we're not being lulled into a false sense of security here....we know this is our summer!

Anyway, the beautiful rays of sun got us thinking about all things beautiful (as always!) and how we can improve our homes by following just a few simple steps. We turned our attention to our bookcases and shelving. It's easy to think that they're just for books...but no, no, no....they're the perfect place to showcase all your favourite little nick nacks and have fun pairing them up with other bits and bobs....

Here's a few of our faves...(idea stealing permitted)...

Carefully placed items and thoughtful colour combinations make for relaxed look...

via Ellenor Design

Bold and bright colour block wall against neutral tones create the wow factor...

via Real Simple

A wallpapered wall behind complementing shelving creates a unified approach..

via Maxwell House of Design

Contemporary and clean. Books are placed horizontally and vertically to add interest...

via That's Smart Deco

Colour coordination to the max! These tones work perfectly together....

via TLC

Organised chaos! We love it!! ...

by studiomama

A vintage edge. Beautiful pieces standing proud...like mini art installations!

via Looking For Tomorrow

Bright, bright, bright! Keep it friendly and uplifting with neons...

via Real Simple

...and one we've featured in a previous post 'Toot, Toot! Car Boot!'...but we couldn't possibly leave it out. 
Different shapes and sizes but in-keeping with a theme...

via Heart Home


  1. I absolutely adore the vibrant yellow wall as a backdrop for white bookshelves. Such a nice idea!

  2. We agree Igor! It makes for a great visual impact and certainly one that we'll be trying out. Thanks so much for you comment. We love to hear what our followers think of posts and ideas. Keep them coming!